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Related post: Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 20:33:23 -0500 From: Toni Podols Subject: Randi27Randi XXVII, a continuation of adventures experienced in my previous stories, is dedicated to all of my friends and fans. I have been sooo busy lately, that I have had to sequester my adventures into that remote part of my memory shelf, to be drawn down and passed on to my teen model messageboard friends when time finally stood still long enough for me. I hope you enjoy this one.Please keep your feedback coming to my toni526 hotmail address. I love it and answer each email personally as soon as possible.And, now . . .Cookies Once again, your beautiful, delightful and brilliant author was utterly exhausted. I had just flown the redeye from Denver after three long days of meetings and hard work. Not a single chance to do anything other than rise at 4AM, run through the park, stop at the exercise room, pop into the shower, dress and work non-stop. When I hit the bed after making all my appropriate calls and engaging in email tag, I was fast asleep as soon as my beautiful head touched the pillow.Yet, as is my delightful nature, I smiled sweetly at the darling flight attendants as I left the plane and walked into the Terminal at LaGuardia, home to my New top teem models York City. Glancing at my watch, I almost stumbled. God! 2:30AM! As I approached the baggage cuben teen model claim area, I saw a crowd of equally sleepy travelers, quietly waiting for the luggage to arrive. As I watched the cases slowly pass, I felt a touch on my shoulder. Turning, I was startled by a gleaming, toothy smile, a truly adorable little girl, dressed in a chauffeur's uniform, holding a sign with my name."Hi! I knew it was you," she said, brightly, bubbly. "You were described to me so perfectly." Her dark her eyes flashed, glowing in a very friendly greeting. "I'm Rochelle, your driver. Let me help you with your bags and I'll bring the limo around young littel models for you," she smiled as she walked away to look for my nametags. I could not resist staring as she walked away, the tight slacks outlining her sweet little ass and tapered legs. Her black hair was brought up high on her head, still leaving her no more than about 5'2" tall. That hair surely enhanced the sparkle of those deep dark brown eyes. Oh, come on, girl. It's the middle of the night, for cryin' out loud! But, she was soooo cute!I stood by the pickup area as the long limo sharply turned the corner and pulled to a screeching, rocking stop and the little cello model comparisons dolly climbed out. Quickly and efficiently, Rochelle easily hoisted my japanese lingerie models luggage into the trunk and ran around little russian model to hold the door open for me, an impish grin playing across her darling face. I smiled my best professional smile, tingling a bit with a wry turn of my lips and climbed inside, aware of her eyes on my ass. Shit!As the limo pulled from the parking lot and drove onto the Grand Central Parkway, headed into Manhattan, I reached for the telephone on the forward console and dialed Ryan's cell phone number. Barely a single ring and I heard the soft, strong voice whispering, "Glad you're home, Baby. A little worried with the weather". Ryan's voice sent that familiar tingle up and down my spine as I felt his vocal fingers touch me."Hello, Mountain Man," I purred, my fingers caressing the telephone, feeling its hardness against my hand, superimposing another, more sensual picture in my hand. "I am a basket case, my love. Absolutely exhausted and ready for a nice hot shower.""Just a shower? Nothing else?" Ryan teased, his voice lowering into that octave that he knew I could never resist."Lover, I said I was exhausted," I breathed into the telephone. "I didn't say I was dead. Can't you leave those schmoks in girliemodelyoung Washington and rush home to my arms? If you do, be ready, my sweet corn on the cob. I will have plans for that strong, hairy bod when I get out of that shower."Oh, my goodness," Ryan said. God, I could almost feel the warmth of his breath against my ear through the telephone. "You will be gentle with me, won't you?""Frankly, no, my sweet Seal. I refuse to hold myself back," I offered, using my best seduction voice, the one no one can ever resist (hee hee). Glancing at my watch, I saw that it was almost 3:00AM. "Be home in fifteen, my gay model teen sweet delicious.""Honey, you make it so tempting. Damn, I can't wait until we can do our own business thing. Then, I can be with you so much more. I'm really buried under down here, though. young pretenn models But, I promise to be home Friday night instead of Saturday. Will that make it better?" I felt so guilty for making him feel this way that I melted."Ryan, sweetheart. You know I understand. With my schedule, how can I complain? I adore you, Mountain Man. Just be careful. Don't go anywhere they might set off a bomb," I begged, feeling so guilty."Hardly a place in Washington that that doesn't cover, love. But, I love you so much. Please be careful. Okay?" Ryan's concern overwhelmed me and I melted once again. "I will, sweet. I'll call you tomorrow."I replaced the telephone in the receptacle and leaned back, my eyes closed, swiping a hand across my eyes. As I opened them, I caught a glance at the rear view mirror, watching the large dark eyes flashing, a warm and welcoming smile, having overheard, I'm sure, the conversation. I smiled back, offering a thrown kiss.Traffic was light so late at night and we sped across the bridge and into lower Manhattan. Soon we were passing the UN General Assembly building, turning kindergarten models North on First Avenue and heading toward the East 70s. Soon, the limo pulled up in front of the townhouse, the lights on and Marcia, the housekeeper, waiting patiently in the doorway. As expected, Ryan had called ahead for me. cool model's wallpapers Bounding out the door teen modeling centers to the limo, Samson, my delightful German Shepard, stood on hind legs and pawed and growled at the closed window, willing to break the glass to get to me.I opened the door and suddenly had a lapful of 125 pounds of loveable monster dog, his giant muzzle and tongue stripping makeup from my face. Cuddling him behind his ears, I placed a kiss on his great beak and gently shoveled him out of my way and left the car. I knew his three buddies, my little kitties, jetmodel wouldn't be far behind their savior, usenet 14yo model the gentle child model galleris Giant who protected them from all enemies, foreign and domestic. As Rochelle popped the trunk and Marcia black model began to unload my things, I opened my purse and removed a $20. I accepted Rochelle's clipboard, signed the service ticket and pressed the added 20 dollars into her hand. In return, I received a bright, liquid smile and a small clear business card slipped into my hand. I smiled and bade her good night. teen brunette models As she screeched away from the curb, I stole a glance at the card. Written across the back was "Rochelle", followed by two telephone numbers and a third, her cell phone. Mmmmmm. . . .I followed Marcia up the steps into the townhouse and into the great room. Home at last, I thought, as I kissed my gigantic Marcia's cheek before letting her climb the stairs with my luggage. As was my usual ritual, I stretched and walked into the great room, to tell my home that I was back. I walked by the Gertrude Colburn Running Nude bronze, gently tweaking her breasts, caressing her full, beautiful thighs. Smiling, I walked around the room, gently touching my accumulated treasures, my antiques, my oils. I was home.I stopped in my downstairs office and dialed up the Internet and did a quick scan of my schedule for the morning. Wonderful! Two meetings, starting at eight AM. Thank God I had slept most of the flight home, I thought. A luncheon date with Nora. Yes! Beautiful, delectable Nora, my sweet, delicious golden ager. And, only a single, two-hour meeting in the afternoon. I dialed up my hotmail account and checked the leftovers from before I left the airport. Among them, a simple message with no definition. I opened it first."Good morning, Madam. You are cordially invited to dinner at my home tomorrow evening, sevenish. Dress is entirely casual and optional, of course. Please join me for a delicious Repast of truffles, salmon and a delicious salad. Followed by a wonderful dish of chocolate for Desert. I shall await your RSVP with bated breath. Cleo'Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, my God! Cleo! On, God, how long has it been? Two, three months? I felt a shudder pass through my body and leaned back, my eyes closed, thinking of spending even a moment with her. I sighed and smiled, warmly remembering the first time I'd met her. It seemed so long ago that I sat with Nora at that tiny table near the dance floor, our hands touching and watched the approaching, magnificent black woman.I watched her cat like gait as she daughter models bikini moved, her long legs glistening under the very short skirt, her breasts bobbing under her dressy t shirt, her smile lighting up the dim atmosphere. She didn't exactly walk. Or move. She seemed to float on a cloud as though surrounded by a haze"Hi! I'm Cleo," she said, her voice deep and dripping with sexuality, her smile flashing, her long fingered hand reaching for mine. I beamed at her as I took her soft, velvety smooth hand in mine. We held our hands together for much longer than necessary, enjoying the tingling it brought to both of us. As she released mine, she leaned across the table and kissed me. A simple, chaste kiss child model art but with such passion and promise, I was done. I had felt a pang of loss as she pulled away and grabbed an empty chair child sex model from another table. She placed it next to me, however, sliding her beautiful body into it. I was amazed at her grace and the way she held herself.Most extremely tall women I've known were so black teens modeling ungainly, almost tripping over themselves and, in my experience, not very attractive. I had just not met Cleo before to totally change my mind. Since then, I have learned my lesson well. Well over six feet, Cleo's body was absolutely magnificent, her face, a dark treasure. Her hair models small nude was set in a million braids that touched her shoulders. Each braid was encased in myriad beads, mostly german teenmodel gold and silver, highlighting her huge dark eyes with those tiny golden flecks floating in them. Her skin was absolutely perfect, glistening, a dark chocolate color. Her lips were full and glistening beneath a perfect nose. Her cheek bones high and proud, her manner almost majestic. Each movement of her hands was perfect symmetry. I felt my eyes being drawn to the dip in her shirt as she leaned toward me, watching the velvety smooth breasts, their cleavage. My hands began to itch.Cleo was a completely self-made woman. Totally. Raised in poverty, she had forced her way through school and become publisher of a black woman's magazine. She was also owner of several restaurants throughout the world. And, now I was invited to dinner with this magnificent woman. On her home ground. For the first time."My magnificent Nubian Princess, inna model naked I would be honored to share repast with you, my precious darling. I am particularly intrigued by the desert tray. I avro models shall be there by seven to share your warmth and enjoy your company once again. Randi"Leaning back, I turned off the computer and stared at the ceiling, a pleased smile on my face. I love my life, I thought. The perfect hubby, great kids, a terrific career. And, Cleo, I giggled. I rose and walked to the stairs, slowly dragging my sleep-deprived butt up the staircase and entered my bedroom. Marcia was just finishing hanging up my things as kiddie model portal I watched her move so gracefully, her giant bulk shaking like Jello as she finished nn video models her work.I smiled good night to her as she left the bedroom and was naked in less than 30 seconds and standing under a pounding shower. The hot shards of water flailed at my tired body, removing all the accumulated dust and exhaustion. I felt the water stab at my breasts, my nipples growing under their pounding. I leaned forward and let the water hit my head and my hair full force, tingling as the rivulets of water cascaded down my body. Reaching for the hanging bar of strawberry-scented soap, I began to lather my hands, my eyes closed. In my minds eye, I felt the shower door open and a cold blast of air flow over me.I felt the soft, beautiful body press against my back, strong, lathered hands reaching around me to cup my breasts, lifting them, separating them, massaging them as my nipples cut traces in her palms. Oh, I knew beaverdell model those hands, those soft, delicate hands of my California Peach, my Cali, so knowing of my body, so intent on providing me pleasure. I child model xxx sighed, feeling her fingers tweak my nipples, making them even harder if that were possible, feeling her intensity as her lips began to kiss the softness of my shoulders, my arms, my neck, across my shoulder blades. I could feel the soft strands of her pussy hair against my round ass as I pressed myself back against her, her nipples tracing lines up and down my back. Oh, God, it felt so good.I felt my spectral lover slip down, kissing the soft flesh of my back, down to the tiny dimples just above lil models sex my ass, her tongue tracing down, down to begin to kiss and lick each of my buttocks in turn. I was shaking now, as I felt her hands on my thighs, caressing the softness of them in front, around to the backs as her tongue touched her fingers. I felt her hands return to portfolio young model my ass, gently spreading my cheeks wide as I cried out to the pounding shower. As her tongue made contact with my cleansed asshole, I felt her hands slip around my hips to hold me tight to her mouth, her fingers teasing my cunt, manipulating my clittie.I felt her long thick tongue slip past my asshole muscles, the ring of my anus opening wide for her strong probe, feeling it touch each and every part of my rectum. I drove my hips backwards, urging her mouth be go further, deeper. I began to cry, screaming at the touch of her ghostly tongue, her love, pulling me closer and closer until, at last I screamed her name out loud and collapsed onto the flooded floor of the shower, panting like a puppy on a hot day, trying to bring my heart and soul back together where I'd lost them in a fit of passion.Slowly, my breathing became less halting as my composure began to return. I grasped the bar at the side of the tub and gently eased myself from the shower. I grabbed a large towel, wrapping it around my wet body. A smaller towel wrapped around my hair, I staggered to the bed and lay down and was asleep within seconds.The next morning, I dashed down the steps to the street, walked up to Fifth Avenue and crossed, waiving for a taxi as I went. The cold of the early morning made access to available taxis a bit opportunistic, but I lucked out. At least, I thought I had. Soon, one screeched to a halt and the driver was kind enough to wait until I was actually inside before pulling away from the curb. I was finally able to slam the door after about a block, silently cursing the idiot. I gave him the address of my office and leaned back to relax, as much as is possible in a mid women supermodels morning taxi ride in New York City, power provided by crazed hack driver. Shortly, the cab screeched to a halt, the car lurching so that I almost threw my head against the plexiglass barrier.I usually tip like hell in this city, but when the meter read 4.75, I tossed a crinkled up five through the opening in the glass and stormed out, lucky to get through that with my ass intact. And, it is such a pretty ass, damn it!I walked through the building lobby, gratefully aware of the stares. I was wearing a (typical, for me) black Calvin Klein suit, with a very short, very tight skirt, black pumps and dark pantyhose, with a beautiful antique American Indian necklace of sterling and turquoise around my neck, hanging nicely between my black bestmodels sweater-clad breasts. cutie model yong teen model Once again, Stella Stunning was in the house.I entered the elevator and inserted my special card into the slot, conscious of the glances by both men and women. It was well known that the floor I had selected was for board members and top executives. I loved it! As the other passengers left the elevator on their floors, I continued on until, at last, the door opened onto the executive floor of our offices. I had beaten all of the others in to the office, including precious Irish. As I passed her chair, I glanced around and knelt to touch and sniff the seat of her chair. Mmmmmmmm. The odors were there. Laughing at my stupidity, I entered my office and closed the door.The rest of the day was a madhouse. One meeting after another, a crisis to resolve, to be quickly replaced by another. Just another day in the life of Stella Stunning, Girl Executive on the little mmodels move. Hee hee. I earlyteen nude models live for it. I adore it. I crave it. And, sometimes it makes me extra horny.Five o'clock came and I was exhausted. Not physically, of course. Just emotionally drawn and quartered. I leaned over Irish at her desk to place a tender kiss on her cheek, waved good night and quickly ran to the elevator. If I were lucky, I would have just enough time for a quick shower and time to dress for Cleo's little party. I had called a car service to be sure I would get home quickly and was soon dashing up the stairs to my bedroom. First things first, though. I picked up the portable phone and speed dialed Ryan's cell phone number. As usual, it was picked up almost before the first ring had finished.We spoke for about ten minutes and practically made love over the phone before he told me to give Cleo a kiss for me. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, that I surely would do, I promised.No hanky panky in the shower this time. Just a fast and joyous shower, a tiny titulation and cleansing. I stood before the mirror, inspecting my hair and a few ahem other things. Satisfied, I dabbed nice amounts of Chanel #5 perfume in all the right places and dressed. This time, no black. There would be enough black for the evening, so I slipped into a beautiful red Valentino dress from the closet child model alexa and held it in front of me. Mmmm. Totally backless and almost frontless, swirling around, I watched the hanging lacey handkerchiefs dance, the material dazzle. Smiling, I lay it on the bed. No bra was desired for the dress and I decided that I would take panties in my small handbag.I slipped into the dress and put on a set of pearls and my gold watch. I danced into the bath, strangely humming the Pastoral from Beethoven's Sixth Symphony, and beheld the breathtaking image in the mirror. Oh, God, please fuck me silly, please, oh pleaseI whispered, approaching the mirror to kiss my image. God, I felt so giddy and stupid. I loved it.But, I did look rather fetching, as a matter of fact. I grabbed my coat with the huge hood and danced down the stairs. As I opened the door, I was stunned to find a tall and I mean tall! and slender, models shy nudes gorgeous black woman standing in the doorway, dressed in a chauffeur's uniform, her sparkling light eyes entrancing."Good evening, ma'am. Your limo is here, courtesy of your hostess for the evening," she intoned, her voice so deep, I suspected I was with a transsexual. Upon further examination, however, no. I watched with an extraordinarily shaky body as she smiled, her pearly whites flashing like a neon sign for a Barney's New York ad. Wowser!A short drive later, the limo pulled up in front of Cleo's coop, a beautiful building that windowed on Central Park. I waited patiently for the chauffeur to make her way around the limo and accepted her hand to step from the car. After alighting, her hand staying with mine for just a tad too long. "Thank you, my magnificent Amazon, " I whispered into her ear as I angels modells departed the limo. "And, you are magnificent," I breathed, receiving a warm and witty smile in return. Sigh..Glancing up and down Fifth Avenue, mature amateur models I noticed that the usual foot traffic was light for this time of fitness models xxx the evening, particularly around this area. That meant superb security was on the watch. I quickly climbed the stairs to the double doors, stretching up at least 15-20 feet high and touched the bronze lion knocker. Before I could raise it, the door opened, silently, a beautiful young woman standing there, bearing another neon smile on her face."Good evening, Madame," her voice chimed to me, like a Swiss bell. Smiling, I entered the foyer, and watched as she closed the door. She stood behind me and offered to take my coat. I slipped it from my shoulders, letting it slide down my arms. Turning, I saw her delightful smile as she draped my coat over her arm."What a beautiful dress, Madame," the maid exclaimed. "So beautiful 1 boy models and so perfect for your coloring," she continued as my cheeks surely took on the same hue as my dress. Her hand offered me direction into the sitting room and I entered, amazed at the Victorian setting of the room. It fit the house."Madam allison model will be down shortly," the maid whispered, her eyes shining. It must be a prerequisite for anyone involved with Cleo to have fabulous, glowing eyes, I choclatemodels com smiled to myself and turned back to the sitting room.A gigantic fireplace dominated the beautiful room, an antique hearth with beautiful Putti carved into the facing. Their cherubic faces smiled their happiness surrounding an opening large enough to live in as they gazed out over the many antique furniture and fixtures. The artwork was mostly nineteenth and late eighteenth century works of art, some by known masters, others' signed, but obscured by age. I loved the room immediately. It spoke of Cleo.I walked to the mantle to gaze longingly at the two bronze torchieres that sided the mantle's beauty, their black bodies reaching preeteen models films out to hold long, thick candles. I touched the hard, beautiful surface of the antiques and felt the ages. Timeless beauty (like me! Hee hee) was present in the room. As I closed my eyes to touch the pieces, I gasped as I felt a hand touching my bare shoulder. Turning around, I came face to face with two large, beautiful, soft erica cunningham model breasts, straining to escape from a beautiful, low cut gold hostess's gown. Beneath the enticing bodice, the incredibly soft skin of her tummy was bare. Oh, God, I'm turning into a faucet!Without a word, two long, muscular arms reached out to gather me close, slender, elegant fingers tipped my chin up, presenting my lips to hers, beautiful, soft lips, devoid of lipstick. I shuddered as I felt her lips touch mine, so moist and delicious. I felt her tongue immediately slip past my guard (ha!) into my mouth, running the length of mine until it touched the back of my mouth and indian topless model slid down my throat a distance. I placed my arms around her waist, feeling the softness of her skin of her back and slid up to hold her beaded hair, pulling her closer.Releasing me, Cleo smiled that beatific smile that never failed to touch me. "I am so glad you could come, sweetie," she exclaimed. "It has been so long and I have so dani latina model many questions to ask you. I've missed you, terribly," she whispered. I felt my juices flowing at the melodious tones of her voice, the vibration tickling my spine as I looked into her gorgeous eyes.I hugged Cleo back, my cheek resting against her bosom, whispering softly, "Oh, my sweet black Amazon, I have missed you, too. How's the "Walking Stick" doing?"She laughed a hearty, thorough laugh. "He's fine. Out of town on business, though. Come on," Cleo said, taking my hand and leading me into the dining room.As dinner was served, we played a little "Tom Jones", snatching a bite of food and chewing with sexual overtones, licking our lips. little premodel teen The Salmon japanese model undressed was absolutely divine with a sauce that defies description. The Truffles were out of this world, a rare enough delicacy today. The wine was superb and our legs played tag under the table throughout the meal. We talked about the election, business, some of her extraordinarily high profile friends, Puff Daddy, et al. After dinner, we went back into the sitting room, standing before the fireplace, slowly sipping our wine. Cleo reached for a large, beautifully ornate antique box from the mantle. She model girl little opened the beautifully inlaid and ormalu box and turned the contents to me.Cigars. Long, thick, Cubano cigars. I glanced up at Cleo and smiled, taking one from the box and gently rolling it around and around in my fingers. I watched her replace the box, keeping one out for herself. She picked up a long, long wooden match and touched it to the fire and held it out for me. I lit the cigar, rolling it around in the fire until it was evenly lit. We stood there, acting so urbane and sophisticated, puffing on the thick, rather icky tasting tobacco, pretending to love the taste. I placed the cigar into my mouth, letting about a third of it slide over my tongue, my lips pursed around the thin cock, my tongue rolling around it, tasting the hot tip with the point of my tongue. I watched Cleo slid the cigar deep into her mouth until only a few scant inches remained outside her mouth.I tried it again, letting the cigar/cock slide down, down my throat, taking it deep into my throat. Then, I made the huge mistake of breathing as it touched the back of my mouth. Suddenly, I was coughing and choking as I automatically gagged at its intrusion into my mouth. Laughing, Cleo began to gently smack my back as billows of smoke poured from my poor throat and my nostrils. And, other orifices, I'm sure. Lost between laughing and choking to death, I let her save my life with a definite attempt at mouth-to-mouth. She turned me around and delivered a Heimlich to me, giggling like a child, my arms reaching back to grasp her head and bring her to my lips. God, I drank her love from her mouth, feeling her so hard against me that I stopped laughing and began to kiss her mouth in earnest. Turning around in her arms, I stopped and held her beautiful face in my hands, kissing her face so gently. Tiny kisses for each high cheekbone. Each eye. childs thong models Her forehead, the tip of her nose. And, once again, a chaste kiss to her beautiful lips."Let's go upstairs," Cleo whispered, taking me by the hand. Without a word, I followed her, watching the rise and fall of her ass, drooling over the body before me. At the top of the long circular staircase, Cleo led me around a broad balcony that overlooked the entrance hall far below. Ahead, double doors awaited and beyond, paradise. She stepped to the side and opened the door, allowing me to enter. I walked slowly through into the room and stood waiting for Cleo to close the door.I could not move a muscle, standing there, gazing about me in wonder at Cleo's world. Ceilings were high, at least 40 feet high, with molded plaster panels. The walls were all mahogany, carved relief panels, old, antique, and so beautiful. Several pedestals surrounded the walls, each bearing either a bronze, marble or alabaster work of art. Several atkingdom teen models were the original Erte statues, not the latest multi release works. Above the bed, a Tamara De Lempica work, huge in format. And directly across the room, high over a roaring fireplace, was a large format original oil by Degas, one of my favorite artists.But, back to the bed. Oh, my! A giant four poster bed with the posts at least twelve feet tall, with intricate carvings of Puti and other indications of Victorian art. On either side of the bed were twin Tiffany spiderweb lamps, perfect in their condition, the lights very low. The bed had been turned down with black sheets and pillowcases. Standing there entranced, I was easy pickings as my Amazon lovely's hands gently cupped my shoulders, those long, long, elegant fingers gently kneading my flesh. I shivered at Cleo's touch and turned my head to kiss first one hand, then the other. I turned around in her arms, my face on a direct level with the beauty of her dark brown breasts, their rounded softness making my ears tear. I leaned into Cleo and kissed the soft skin of her breasts above her dress, my tongue trying to slip between them at her cleavage. I tasted Cleo's body and sniffed her essence, coupled with the same Chanel #5 that I had sprinkled on my body for her. I looked up to smile at her great, beautiful eyes, her idyllic smile and offered my lips to her. She accepted them, her large soft lips returning now to mine, her tongue, slipping deep models teen photos inside my mouth, tickling the very back of my mouth, at the entrance to my throat. As she drew her tongue up to taste the roof of my mouth, I felt a sharp twinge, almost painful in its intensity, in my tummy and squealed into Cleo's sucking mouth.Cleo took my hand and walked with me to the fireplace, standing on the white Flocati rug. I stepped from my shoes, dropping down even more, standing before my Amazon and just about reaching her breasts. teen swimsuit models I felt the soft, long curls of the rug between my toes and sighed at the touch. Cleo turned me around and stood behind me, one arm around my waist, the other moving the hair from the back of my neck for her powerful, sensual lips. I felt chills spread over my body at this touch, especially as her lips moved around to the side of my neck, kissing and licking around to just beneath my ear. I could feel her tongue licking my diamond earrings, around my lobe and I began to melt. I felt her advent model q2735a hands star model tgp slip the spaghetti straps from my gown over my shoulders and down my arms. Her kisses became more soft and deliberate as she set about making my body so sensitive to the touch, I anticipated pain so intense that I latex bondage models would welcome it.Her long fingers slipped down the bodice of my dress, cupping my naked breasts, first one, then the other. I felt my nipples grow against the soft palm of her hand and almost swooned. But, the restraining other arm kept me in place. pre model nude The hand around illegal gay models my waist now began to draw handfuls of my dress up and up until my pantie-less pussy was there for her. I screamed aloud as her long fingers began to tease my cunt lips, my clittie, driving me hard against her body. Her hand cupped my pussy and began to massage, fingers teasing my lips and searching for the wet opening. Oh, God, I can feel her inside me already. I'm going comeeeee. I screamed her name over and over as I flooded her fingers with my thick sticky come. I would agency model teen have been on the floor already had her strong arms not kept me in place against her. I reached my arm back and around her head, bringing her gorgeous face down to mine, my lips searching for hers, my tongue tasting her sweet tart saliva.Cleo opened the zipper at the back of my dress and drew it down to my waist. As she let me free of her arms, the dress fell to the floor in a whisper and I was naked for her. A tiny bit embarrassed, I stood naked before Cleo, still fully dressed, my arms crossed over my pussy, as nave as a child. I looked up from hooded eyes to see her staring at me and I felt my flesh turning a bright crimson."You are so beautiful, Randi," she whispered, making my flesh feel even more on fire. I stared at her, watching the long braids move, listening to the tiny tinkle of the metallic beads dance against each other. Her broad, rounded, soft shoulders, her long teen model thumblogger muscular arms, the soft expanse of her breasts, much of which were still covered by her dress. The long flowing hostess gown was split to her waist and her long, gleaming black thigh and calf were drawing me. And, still teen model topless she left me standing there, naked as she inspected my body. I could feel her eyes touching each and every secret nook and cranny. I reached up to cup my breasts, lifting them, holding them out as an offering to her, my chocolate goddess. As she began to walk toward me, I felt my knees begin to buckle again, so beautiful that I felt in awe.Cleo place an arm around my back and knelt to slip her arm beneath my thighs. As she lifted me effortlessly into her arms, my arms wrapped around her neck, my face buried in her ls models kds bosom. I felt eager to teen best models reach our destination, her giant bed. When we reached it, she carefully dominican teen model and gently deposited me in the center, leaving me with a pillow beneath my head. She leaned down to gently kiss my lips, my upper chest and my breasts, a kiss on to each nipple. My hands were too late to grasp her head to keep her there as she rose and stepped back to the side of the bed. I turned onto my hip, watching her, waiting with bated breath to see my Cleo.I watched as Cleo opened the catch of her gold weave belt around her waist. As it fell to the floor, her hands grasped the folds of her gown and opened it, letting it fall from her shoulders, still covering her breasts in a tease that had me unable to catch a deep breath. As the dress fell away, I felt a sudden rush of heated air strike my ears, flushing my body in instant want.I know I've said it before, but it is so true. Cleo is an exact black replica of Lucy Lawless, Xena. A warrior princess. Her legs were long and perfectly shaped, with smooth muscular thighs tapering down to asian modelzs her knees, her calves flaring, her ankles slim, her feet a bit large, but so perfect. Her waist was slender, leading up to her breasts.Cleo's breasts. Large and round, with large, double D softness. As I watched, her black nipples hardened, set in the middle of silver dollar sized areola, teen model carmen slightly raised, a amateur models pics bit lighter than her nipples, but much darker than the surrounding deep brown skin. Her magnificent body is totally without blemish, simply a body created by the Gods to entice women and men into her power.Her face seemed to glow as she smiled at me, her fingers touching first her breasts, then sliding down her tummy, to her hips, then to the tiny matted ringlets of her pussy hair. As she began to walk to the bed, her hands slid down her thighs and around to cup her ass. Slowly, sensuously, she came closer and closer.Cleo was taking far too much time for me and I stood on the bed and leapt into the air, landed firmly, breasts ukraine teen models bobbing and raced the remaining ten feet to her, launching myself into her arms, my thighs encircling her waist and locking just above her ass, my arms firmly around her neck, our breasts pressing each other. And, the taste of her mouth. God, art model naked it was so special, a feeling of such sexual longing, so sweet a taste, tinged by the after effects of her cigar. I delved deep into her mouth as I relished the feel of her body against mine. Her large breasts pressed hard against mine, our nipples fighting for position, my hands slipping down babe model young from her neck to the soft, smoothness of her back and down to her waist. I felt her strong hands beneath me, cupping my ass, keeping my wet pussy against her tummy. Finally, we reached the bed and, still supporting my body, Cleo crept on her knees until she finally deposited me in the center of the bed.Hovering over me, Cleo's great titties were there for the taking, offered to me as tribute. I reached up my hands, squeezing them, teasing her nipples, my eye closed, thighs together, anxious to keep from coming too quickly. They were so soft, ultra soft, yet firm and her nipples were like small rocks. I pulled on one breast and brought to my mouth, taking the nipple between my teeth, nibbling at it, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. I felt Cleo shudder at my touch, felt her move to straddle my waist. Gazing down, I watched her cunt, a bright glazed pink, surrounded by black lips and folds. Her tiny curls were soaked in her come as I nursed harder at her breast. I let my hands roam, caressing the soft, smooth flesh, caressing her hips, around to her great rounded ass, squeezing her cheeks, slipping down to caress the soft muscularity of her thighs.Utilizing all of my strength, I turned and threw Cleo onto her back and climbed aboard, lacing my fingers through hers as I leaned over her. I watched as her head male nonude models lifted, trying to reach my wavering breasts, anxious to nurse at me as I had done with her. Smiling my best wicked smile, I whispered, "I am going to make love to you now, my sweet dark beauty. Then, you may have me, but now, jaycie model video I want to make you feel as wonderful as you have made me feel so often."I watched her eyes open wide, followed by a beautiful, sensual smile as she murmured, "Yes, my beauty, my white princess. Make love to me. Make my black body sing, make me yours."Smiling, I leaned down to kiss her cheeks, gently kissing each of her high cheekbones. Next, her eyes. Those huge, dark, glazed eyes. Her forehead. The tip of her beautiful, broad nose. Her lips. So buttery soft and moist. I touched mine to them, a ls models girls feathery kiss, bringing her head up to press for more. I touched my tongue to the opening between them, slipping easily into her mouth. I licked the length of Cleo's tongue to the end, returning by way of the roof of her mouth. Her teeth, each and every part of her soft, wet mouth. Cleo was murmuring, groaning, trying so hard to grasp my tongue. Too late.I kissed her chin and down to the hollow of her throat. Around to the softness of her neck, just beneath her earlobe. I felt Cleo struggling to escape my laced finger, to no avail. She could easily have overcome me had she wished, I knew. But, I kept her arms locked above her actaris model 1000a head as I kissed the inside of her forearm. Licking and kissing, moving down to her elbow."Oh. Oh, my God, Randi," Cleo groaned a I felt her shiver at my touch. "Oh, God, yes."I moved further down, kissing and licking the inside of her upper arm."Oh, R-rrandi, on God, no! I'm so ticklish! Oh, God, stop! Hee hee, aghhhhhhhh," she laughed, tortured at my tickling session. It only got worse for her as my mouth and my lips began to lap at the edges of her armpit. Screaming and laughing, wiggling under my touch, I felt her shudder as she experienced an unexpected orgasm at the exquisite tingling that coursed through her body. Smiling to myself, I kissed across her upper chest to the petit nude model other arm and began the same model superteens kissing and licking. Struggling beneath me, she looked into my eye."Oh, Godddd, Randi. Curse you, you scarlet witch," she laughed, smiling up at me as I began to kiss her beautiful, soft breasts. Circling all around each breast with my tongue, I relished the taste of her skin, devouring her breast, trying in vain to suck the softness deep into my mouth, I lowered my lip over each nipple in turn, biting each one, flicking my tongue over and over them. I felt her suddenly try to wrench loose of my entwining fingers, but I was ready for her. Holding her fast, I continued to feast on her chocolate skin, tasting the sweet warmth, her sweat, kissing, biting.Then, I began to move down her magnificent mahogany body, kissing at her ribs, her sides, across to the other side. Tasting, devouring. I relaxed my fingers and let hers free as I slid mine beneath her to cup her incredible ass. Kissing down the tunnel of her abdomen, I felt the soft furrow of her navel beneath my lips. I ls teen models heard Cleo squeal a my lips locked themselves around her belly button, a delicious innie, feeling the heat of her body against my tongue as I poked deep into her opening. I tasted her body under my tongue, more acutely now as she squirmed, moaning and threshing around on the bed. I made love to that opening as my hand cupped and squeezed hard at her buttocks."Randi, you are killing me, girlfriend," Cleo groaned, her hands now gently massaging my shoulders, touching my face, my hair, gently urging me to move down. I obliged, kissing down to touch the tightly bound curly hairs of her pussy, tasting a thick matted juice there, feeling my head swim at the taste of her come. As my tongue found the lips of her cunt, firm, yet so soft and moist, I tasted the bubbles nn model vids of her come oozing there, sucked them into my mouth, feeling them burst like little bits of caviar, listening to Cleo begin her orgasmic scream. modelle teen I slid two fingers inside her cunt, barely inside her lips at the very tip of her slit and opened her. Her clittie popped up to attention, dressed in her little pink, fleshy raincoat. My tongue peeled her coat away from her clittie like a grape, touching the swollen, hard organ waiting for my lips. I sucked it into my mouth, biting hard at its length, chewing it hard as I sucked its juices into my mouth.Cleo was rapturous, her hips flexing, pressing her pink cunt hard into my mouth, forcing my tongue to leave the clittie and slide into childmodels free stuff her love channel, deep inside of her, tasting the 11 yo models flowing come that was coating my tongue. Her hands flailed at my head, my back, grabbing me tight to her, screaming my name over and over and over. Suddenly, she tensed, screamed "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck" over and over as her cunt drew my face inside of her. Her orgasm exploded with a ferocity I'd never seen from her before until, finally, she collapsed with a wheeze.Ah, but I was not finished with my chocolate Amazon, my beautiful lover, my friend. I had plans for her because I knew Cleo. I knew exactly what she wanted and, lifting my face from her cunt, I reached beneath her and turned her over onto her stomach.I slowly crawled atop my beautiful Cleo, lying fully atop her prone, exhausted body. I pressed down with my soft, red bush against her round ass, my breast pressing hard into her back, my thighs against hers. I separated her beaded preetens models braids and began to kiss and lick the soft skin at the hairline, just above her neck. I felt her body quiver and heard a contented sigh as I kissed gently along her neck to her ear, gently nibbling at her lobe, the shell of her ear. I whispered word of love into her ear canal just before poking my tongue inside, moving it around, listening to her squeal in delight. Smiling, I began to move down.I kissed and licked the channel of her spine, pausing at each and every vertebrae, nibbling, licking, kissing her back, moving down, down, down to the dimple at the base of her spine. Her magnificent ass came into view, her high, proud buttocks beckoning. I began to kiss her ass, licking each of the cheeks, especially where they met her legs, that sensitive area I love to have touched. I spread those wonderful ass cheeks wide apart to get to the tender flesh of the inside of her ass, blowing air on the blinking, puckered asshole. I lowered my face between those wonderful ass mounds, placing my lips around the hole. I sucked hard on it, pulling the pucker into my mouth. Cleo was moving so powerfully beneath my mouth, she seemed to be trying to throw me off. I knew that wasn't true so I thrust my tongue deep into her asshole, holding her ass cheeks against my face.Cleo began to buck harder, screaming louder now as I worked her ass as hard as I could. Suddenly, young models preeteens she stopped moving and let out a scream of "Fuck! Fuck!" and "My ass!" that would have brought the police if the building weren't soundproofed. She finally collapsed beneath me, shaking so violently I pulled my face from her ass and looked at her face to see if she was okay. After several deep gulps and gasps, she smiled at me and pulled my face to hers for a long, deep kiss.Cuddling with Cleo is a special thing. She holds me to her, letting her large soft breasts surround my neck a she gently kisses my face, drawing my thigh over hers. models fashion russia The amazing softness of her breast is so beautiful that I can easily lose my self in her. As I kissed and licked at them, she sighed and kissed the top of my head, her hands holding my face to hers, kissing and licking all over my face. I felt her hands caressing the sides of my body, down to cup my ass cheeks, the .hey! How the heck does she do that?Then, I felt it. A firm, thick bush pressed against my ass, two more giant tits pressed around my neck, locking me in a tittie vice. Glancing over my shoulder, I watched the beautiful black face descend, her eyes sparkling, a huge mile on her lips. Irish! My assistant."Oh, shit! Where did you come from? Oh, you creeps! This was planned, wasn't it?" I exclaimed, unable to move, trapped between Cleo, pressing against my front, her titties around my neck, and Irish, pressing the length of her body against my back, her titties also around my neck, meshing with Cleos."My sweet Randi, Randi, Randi," Irish whispered , her mouth breathing hard into my ear. I watched Cleo suppressing a laugh and, suddenly both mouth were at my ears."It's cccoooooooooooooooooookie time!" Cleo and Irish yelled that theme into my underware models toplist ears simultaneously, turning me onto my back between them, rising again so that their mouths could nibble and suck on my earlobes, the shells of my ears and poking their tongues into my ear canals. All at the same time! Hands caressed and cupped my breasts, thumbs flicking at my nipples as I lay there between these magnificent black women. And, suddenly, I knew what heaven would be like someday.I reached for their breasts, taking handfuls of soft chocolate flesh, squeezing them, pulling on nipples as I could find them, feeling hands joining my own as Cleo and Irish began to cup each other's breasts.Lying between these two beauties, I wormed my hands and arms beneath their bodies and began to touch them, feeling the softness of their bodies against me. I pulled them close, feeling us melding into a single mass of flesh. I felt so safe in their arms, so certain that I could never be harmed because of them. I touched two backs, down to cup two asses, up to caress two arms, two magnificent bodies.Soon, I felt those hands return to me, my breasts, cupped and held, nipples pinched and pulled as they were determined to seduce (Ha!) me. They two black beauties moved at the same time, a coordinated plan, certainly. Both mouth found a breast and began to suck, trying in vain to take in my breast flesh. Their mouths found my nipples and began to chew on them, flicking their long thick tongues against me. I was moaning loudly now, crying out for more.Four hands turned my body onto its side, Cleo pressing her rounded cunt against my ass as Irish pressed her breasts against mine, their hands everywhere. Moving down, I felt Irish arrive at my breasts, holding them to her mouth, sucking them as hard as she could. I felt Cleo kissing the soft skin at the top of my neck, brushing away my hair to attack my hairline. Moving down, I felt her tongue lick the channel of my spine, topping as she reached nonnude child model directly opposite Irish's mouth on my breasts.Slowly, in unison, they began to track lower, lower, Irish stopping at my belly button, kissing and licking the soft flavor of my body, her tongue probing deep inside my navel. Behind me, Cleo was licking the little dimples at the base of my spine. I was spinning out of control, my mind completely shut down, only experiencing sensory pleasure from these two beautiful and delicate latinamodels lovers. When they began to move down further, I was already experiencing mini orgasms, constantly coming now, my juices flowing down my thighs, my hands grasping, one forward to caress the soft body of Irish, her breasts, her hip, her thigh, her ass, wherever I could touch.I reached one hand behind me, finding and cupping a massive breast, sliding down to Cleo's smooth tummy, around latinagirlmodels to her thickly muscled, yet so smooth and soft arm. I was lost in a state of hedonistic pleasure, sensory perception lost. As Irish arrived at my pussy, her lips began to open and attack my little clittie, Cleo disappeared from my hand as she slid down to cup my ass cheeks. My entire body was so sensitized that all was feel and touch and smell. As Irish had told me once, I was in 'absolute fuck heaven', my senses being churned by two hard, seeking tongues, hand opening me, lips gliding over my flesh. I reached out for anything to hold onto or be swept away on a rising orgasmic cloud.Slowly, Cleo's santa maria model fingers opened my ass cheeks to find my little pink pucker, her sweet hot breath against it causing it to twitch in unending spasms, almost reaching out in anticipation of her tongue. At the same model 16yo time, Irish's fingers slid in my pussy lips, just below the surface, popping my clittie up for her lips so suck, like a stick of candy, swollen, red, hard, begging. I screamed Irish's name, begging for more."Irish.please, bite it, suck it, suck me. In me, please" I screamed as my hands came down to hold her face against my cunt, my juices flowing like a river, covering her tongue as she licked down to my cunt hole. Moving back, her teeth wrapped around my sensitive clittie, sending shock waves throughout my body, to my ass, where I felt the touch of Cleo's tongue against my little hole. Involuntarily, my hips shot back, trapping Cleo's tongue with my asshole, squeezing it as I felt her face between my ass cheeks. lili model nude Her arms slid around my hips to take hold of Irish's head, bringing them both deep into my body. Irish's tongue slid deep into my cunt, touching each and every fold and soft spot within me, her head being pulled hard into me. Cleo's tongue was wedged deep inside my asshole as our Oreo cookie began to get much, much creamier.Suddenly, all sound disappeared, all sight, all sense of smell, of taste, all disappeared as my orgasm broke through the barriers of time and space. I was flying, above clouds, watching myself far beneath, watching myself come in an almost exquisite pain, sending spurts of my come, fountains, into Irish's mouth, pouring over her searching tongue and into her mouth. As I rocked, screaming, I felt Cleo's tongue little model star slip from my asshole and slide down to join Irish's inside my cunt, barbie fashion model my juices plentiful enough for both my lover's tongues. Strong black arms and hands held me tight as I shook, my screaming not ending, my orgasm continuing, not stopping, unable to stop, growling noises coming from my throat, my hands reaching for purchase on their bodies as they continued to saw their tongues into my cunt, sucking until my internal organs melted and drooled out for them, as well.I awoke. arab teen models I heard heavy breathing, felt hearts against me, beating so hard. I struggled to gain control, trying to understand where I was. I became aware of being held, cuddled once again, black arms and breasts surrounding me, protective, comforting, loving. I carefully slid my arms beneath my bedmates, one on either side of me, drawing them closer, reveling in the feel of their flesh, their softness, the heat of their bodies. I turned toward Cleo, finding her eyes on me, a beautiful smile on her thick lips. I leaned into her, kissing her gently, my smile as adoring."Thank you, my beautiful dark friend," I whispered, kissing the point of her broad, beautiful nose. "You are so wonderful, so beautiful.""You are such a beauty," Cleo whispered, her lips touching mine for a final kiss.Turning my head, models young forums I found Irish gazing at me, her beautiful dark face smiling."And you, my attacker," I whispered sternly. You knew this all nonnude model sample day long and didn't so much as hint that you were going to get me. I love you, you creepazoid."Her giggle and her kiss on my lips were enough to forgive her.We fell asleep.Stay tuned for Randi XXVIII. Please, please, and another please keep your emails coming to my toni526 hotmail email address.
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